Collection: Snake Shed Cuffs

These unique, one of a kind metal bracelets are coated in real snake shed. 
Using snake SHED is ethical and safe for the animal.

What is “Snake Shed”, and how is that different than Snake SKIN? 

A snake's skin does not grow with it, so as it increases in size, it needs to shed its outer layer of scales in order to keep growing. Healthy snakes will shed in one continuous piece, rolling it off like a sock. This is Snake Shed
Snake SKIN, on the other hand, is harvested by killing the animal and skinning it. 
I love educating people about these very misunderstood animals. These bracelets are made using the shed skin from my own animals. 
I have some youtube videos I made for kids during the early days of the pandemic about a few of my snakes, and I also work with a wonderful non-profit called The Little Zoo, doing educational events where we share our animals with both kids and adults alike, teaching them about how amazing these creatures are.