IN ACTION. Watch the vid of the 2011 kickstarter campain (successful) for a solo sculpture show. 


Shira Loa

All of my work is dedicated to creating a visual language out of my reverence for growth, change, and the beauty of organic forms. It is also about devotion to the process of creation, and to the development of an evolving relationship with material, tools and skills. The best work comes not from one source, but from the conversation between all the elements involved, from concept through production. Finished products are not the end goal; one can never reach the end of learning, and that fact is the glory and the driving force behind my work

East Coast native residing and in love with Los Angeles, with an education from everywhere in between. Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, Umass Amherst,  BFA from the University of Michigan. Post-graduate apprenticeships with master metalsmiths across the country. Jewelry Technician Certificate from Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco. Constant lessons from work with the DoLab and with the many incredible designers, builders and craftspeople surrounding her.