Product Care


The metal has been treated with lacquer and a special wax to preserve the coloration, prevent tarnishing, and prevent scratching to a certain degree. Please keep in mind that elements in the air and natural oils in your skin can eventually erode protection over time. Avoid wearing lotions and perfumes while wearing items that touch your skin directly. If non-patinated metal begins to tarnish, you may need to remove the protective finish fully with lacquer thinner/acetone, after which you can clean it, and reapply a spray lacquer. You can contact me for advice on the best products to use for longevity. Make sure to avoid using a cleaning product or abrasives on the patinated finish, as that cannot be repaired without a refinish and reapplication of the patina. Do not swim or bathe with the jewelry on.

Bowls & Vessels:

Bowls have been treated with clear lacquer and a hardening wax to protect their finish. To extend the life of the finish, do not use the bowl with extremely hot foods, and clean using room temp or warm water and mild soap only- do not use heavy abrasives. Natural elements in the air, food, etc will, over time, eat away at protective finishes; please contact me for more tips on cleaning should you have trouble cleaning the piece in the future. If the Patina gets damaged, you can contact me about fixing it for a fee, which will depend on the extent of damage and the patina type. 

Planter Sculptures & Pots:

Please visit the Planter Care Sheet Page for Details.

Sculpture, Lighting and Decor items:

The metals have been treated with a UV protectant lacquer as well as a protective hardening wax, however, unless specified, these pieces are not meant for outdoor use, as the elements in the air, rain and any direct sunlight can and will, over time, degrade that protection and effect the colors or rust the steel. To clean, use compressed air to blow off dust, or a very lightly damp cloth, followed by a dry cloth to avoid moisture sitting on the material.