Snake Shed Art & Jewelry

These unique, one of a kind pieces are coated in real snake shed from living animals.

Pre-Made or Custom Snake Shed Jewelry

Snakes shed the outer layer of scales once every 1-4 months as a natural process of growth and regeneration. As opposed to snake leather- for which the animal is killed- using shed skin is completely ethical and safe for the animal. 

You can also order a custom piece using YOUR OWN snake's skin! If you have a snake and want a beautiful and lasting testament to your connection with your animal, choose the custom option and send me your animal's shed to use! 

Visit the Snake Therapy with Shira Loa Youtube Channel to learn more about these amazing animals and visit the Instagram page to see fun process videos and pieces!

Customizable Sizing and using Your own Shed

Send me YOUR snake's shed in the mail and I'll make a piece with it, or order a custom sized design that uses the artist's snake's shed! Use the product options below to begin/customize your design

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Pre-made Snake Shed Jewelry

Choose a piece made with the shed skin from the Artist's animals

Snake Therapy with Shira Loa