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Shira Loa Metalwork

Custom Snake Shed Pill Pendent

Custom Snake Shed Pill Pendent

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Made with real snake shed, this pendent can be customized with the face or body scales of your pet, or of one of Shira's 8 different snakes! Each one is unique and ethically made with skin from living animals.

Want to keep your animal close to your heart? Order the Pendent and you will be contacted with the address to send your snake's shed in the mail, and I will use it for your piece. 

Chain is NOT included, but a jump ring to attach it to will be. 

What is “Snake Shed”, and how is that different than Snake SKIN? 

A snake's skin does not grow with it, so as it increases in size, it needs to shed its outer layer of scales -including the special scales that cover its eyes! Healthy snakes will shed in one continuous piece, rolling it off like a sock, emerging from their old skin shiny and new. This is Snake Shed. SnakeSKIN, on the other hand, is harvested by killing the animal like any other type of leather.

Check out Shira's Snake Therapy Youtube Channel to learn more about these amazing animals! 

The Pendent will be coated with many layers of lacquer and fixatives to prevent decay and tear. 


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1-1/2" x 3"

Care Instructions

The metal has been treated with lacquer and a special wax to preserve the coloration, prevent tarnishing, and prevent scratching to a certain degree. Please keep in mind that elements in the air and natural oils in your skin can eventually erode protection over time. Avoid wearing lotions and perfumes while wearing items that touch your skin directly. If the inside begins to tarnish, you can clean it, and reapply a spray lacquer. Make sure to avoid using a cleaning product or abrasives on the patinated finish, as that cannot be repaired without a refinish and reapplication of the patina. Do not swim or bathe with the jewelry on.


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