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Reticulated Python Brass Cuff Bracelet (Bare Metal)

Reticulated Python Brass Cuff Bracelet (Bare Metal)

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One of a kind hand-formed cuff bracelet made with the shed skin from the Insta-famous snake "April O'Neil", one of @TheCurlyHairedKeeper's reticulated pythons!

Abby's engaging and fun videos with her collection of curious, intelligent and goofy pet snakes have gained her over 50k followers on Instagram! It's obvious that she gives them lots of love and care, and that her followers care as well! This is a pre-made bracelet, but you can also order one in a custom size as long as the supply of April's shed lasts! 

Hand formed from brass, and treated with numerous layers of protective coatings to preserve the shed, you will still be able to feel every scale and see every detail from this amazing animal!

This bracelet is 2" wide and 6-1/2" long. To it will fit you, please measure your wrist with a piece of paper that's as wide as the bracelet (2", in this case), and then subtract 1" for the opening. The resulting length will be your size.


Brass, Snake Shed

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Care Instructions

The metal has been treated with lacquer and a special wax to preserve the coloration, prevent tarnishing, and prevent scratching to a certain degree. Please keep in mind that elements in the air and natural oils in your skin can eventually erode protection over time. Avoid wearing lotions and perfumes while wearing items that touch your skin directly. If the inside begins to tarnish, you can clean it, and reapply a spray lacquer. Make sure to avoid using a cleaning product or abrasives on the patinated finish, as that cannot be repaired without a refinish and reapplication of the patina. Do not swim or bathe with the jewelry on.


Gold, Brown, and Black

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